About us

Who are we and what are we doing?

NESAT Studio is a german game studio. We specialize in the Android operating system and make games in the categories of Quiz and Virtual Reality. Our company currently has about five employees and is therefore very small. Since we do not need more employees at this time, this is not a problem at all.


NESAT Studio was founded in 2017 by Niklas Englmeier, the CEO. It all started with his interest in programming and creating new worlds. NESAT Studio started programming with Android Studio. Since then we have released one quiz game called "The Word Game". At the turn of the year, we switched to the Unity Game Engine, as it is better suited for mobile VR games. Also the app "VR Worlds" is made by us. For the year 2018 we have planned two new VR games. At the end of May this year, the first demo of "VRC" (Virtual Reality Cooking) will be released as Alpha in the Google Play Store. At the end of the year we have another game planned but we can not release any information yet.

Our plans for the future

We have big plans for NESAT Studio. Since our company currently consists exclusively of students, we can not work full-time. This will change soon.


Of course, we want more employees to work at our company in the future. So far, another five new places are planned.


A little later, we want to split NESAT Studio into NESAT Quiz and NESAT VR to separate the two more distant game categories. We also want to include Arcade Games as a new game category. Of course, the three branches will continue to work together.


We aim to become the best and most popular Mobile VR Game Studio for Android worldwide and we think we are on the right track.