The Word Game - the game with words


Are you just bored, looking for a new game and have found this? You want to know what makes this game? Here are some features that will hopefully convince you.

3 game modes

10 designs

4 fonts

App is completely free

Easy handling

Support for 8 different languages

Optimized for all screen sizes

Excellent support


Game Mode Logic Word:

Find the word that is logically linked to the displayed one. If you get stuck, 3 hints will help you. The mode includes 50 levels.


Game Mode 2 Pics 1 Word:

You see two pictures and you have to find a word that the two put together or a word that describes the two in one word. If you get stuck, 3 hints will help you. Since the mode is new, there are only 10 levels.


Game Mode Just One Word:

For the displayed word, you must find 5 words that match the word. This sounds simple, but in this mode, you have no clues to help you. The game mode includes 30 levels.


If you find a bug in the game, please write an email to NESAT Studio. The error will be fixed in the next update.

TheWordGame Data Policy 2018
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