Train your eyes on mobile virtual reality with VR Worlds


Welcome to the lite version of VR Worlds.

With this app you can train yourself and your eyes on the Cardboard and VR glasses. The app was tested on 2 different glasses. It works well for cardboards of all kinds. The tested VR glasses is the DESTEK V4.



Here are some features that await you in VR Worlds:


• A set of 3D objects to train your eyes on virtual reality and

exclusive 3D worlds with a beautiful landscape design


There are a number of 3D objects in VR Worlds to set your eyes on Mobile VR. A list of current objects and worlds are below.


3D objects:

- Dice

- ball

- Tree

- Dog


3D worlds for Pro users:

- Mountains

- Waldsee

- Sandy beach with active volcano



• Simple operation thanks to the "single-click control"


Almost all VR glasses have a button on the top right to interact with the game. Alone this button is enough to completely interact with the app. For Cardboard glasses, we recommend a VR controller, such as the Hi-Shock Bluetooth 360 ° Controller.



• Easy menu navigation with different languages (available from next version)


Through a simple and multilingual menu, you can easily get started with the app and quickly enter the individual worlds.



• Fast email support - response guaranteed within 12 hours


We guarantee our app users an answer to their question within 12 hours. We will try to be even faster in the future and provide a response within 8 hours as a standard.



• Made with Unity


Many apps and games were developed with Unity. Also this app counts you this. Unity is a cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies and is primarily used to develop three-dimensional and two-dimensional video games and simulations for computers, consoles and mobile devices.




Please rate the app in the comments so we know what we can improve.


If you have questions or suggestions for improvement, then send us an e-mail to