Release notes for the current version (2.3.1)

OPENGLES 2.0 support removed

Gamma color space replaced by linear color space

New textures for modern kitchen pack

Release notes for the latest big update (2.0.0)

Updated project files

Fixed an issue with the tables

New battery screen gives you information about your battery level

Added some hints to the guide in the loading scene

We have shortened the time of the start screen

Activated First Start functions

One new recipe

Unlocked right side of the main menu

Added "Looking At" Animation to C.A.R.A

Improved movement

Scheduled updates (sorted by date)

- Insert the Cardboard plug-in to stream the game to your Chromecast device

- Insert the possibility to change the graphics in the game

Do you want to have something specific in the game?

Write us an email to and we will take care of it as soon as possible.