Help guide for mobile vr

There may be some problems with VR games for mobile phones. We currently know 2 problems you may have noticed in the games before.

Problem 1 : Blurred image

How to solve the problem:


Blurred images are unfortunately a big problem with virtual reality. This is related to the fact that the Full HD resolution on a screen as close to the eye is not sufficient for a detailed view.

However, we have a method that should improve the sharpness.


Method 1 - Clean the screen

Mostly it is easy to clean your screen. Blurred areas on the screen disturb the gaming experience immensely. Use a fiber cloth or a wet rag and clean the screen of your mobile phone.

Problem 2: Double images

How to solve the problem:


Method 1 - Configure your phone in general


You can try to (re) scan the QR code of your VR glasses in the Google Cardboard app.

The QR code contains information about the eye relief and the distance from the lens to the mobile phone.

Therefore, each VR glasses for the different mobile screen sizes also has its own QR code.


Method 2 - Create your personal vr configuration

If Method 1 does not work, there is another way to fix the problem with the double images.

On the website you can create your own settings for your VR glasses and then print the appropriate QR code. In order to use the service, you must open the website on your computer or laptop and open the link provided on the phone. Now you can change the different values at the bottom of the website to suit your eyes and glasses.